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Whether you’re the rippin-est rad dude or whether you spend most of the day in a suit; grommet or grandmother, when you come to Jasper’s premiere bike shop, we want you to feel the Freewheel vibe. Our staff is friendly, knowledgeable and just as fired up as you to get out and go ride. We want to help you to become the rider you want to be – and the possibilities are limited only by your imagination. Admit it grandma, you’re stoked too.

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Freewheel Cycle Jasper -- 618 Patricia Street -- Jasper, Albeta -- (780) 852-3898 -- info@freewheeljasper.com

some of our product lines
Line K2 Kona Specialized Burton Volcom Dakine LIB Tech GNU

Freewheel Cycle wants to be known as a responsible corporate citizen. We strive, by offering outstanding service to our customers and our community at large, to make Jasper the raddest lil' town you could ever want to live.

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