From your most basic tuneup to a full on overhaul, your baby will be welcomed into the capable hands of Freewheel’s technicians and sent off with a purr to her pedal. Derailer fell off overnight? Frame cracked while you were “just riding along?” We’ve seen every JRA imaginable -- go on bring us a challenge.

Descend down the stairs and into our domain, where squeaks turns to purrs and kaput turns to kick-butt. Breath new life into your bike or tweak it so it matches your own trail blazing traits. While the broken hinge on our beer fridge may leave something to be desired, Freewheel is confident our mechanics can fix any bike known to man. Sound impossible? From the chunkiest clunkers to the pimpingest protypes, vintage or in the vanguard, we accept any challenge. Bring it in, your bike will thank you.

Safety and Wellness Checkup: $45.00
Complete Tuneup: $90.00
Deluxe Tuneup (includes drive chain clean): $120.00
  (parts not included on all checkups & tuneups)

For our complete service shop menu, download the PDF here.