At Freewheel we bring you one step closer to your element; we care about hooking you up with the right gear so you can experience the outdoors the way you want to. We know everyone’s different – but what ever type of riding you’re doing, we want you on the equipment that suits you best. With dozens of brands to choose from, we’re fully stocked so you can be fully stoked.

We asked each of the Freewheel staffers a series of random questions. Click each photo to see what they said...
tyler al derek wendy sally jojo bryan mark pete amanda chris amanda


1) ski/snowboard?
2) mitts or gloves?
3) if you had to choose, mustard or ketchup?
4) first car (I hope this isn't too hard for you JoJo)
5) bigger fear, heights or dark
6) how do you take your coffee?
7) favorite 5 cent candy?
8) first bike?
9) favorite cereal?
10) best gourmet meal you can make?
11) last CD purchased
12) porn name? (take the name of your first pet and your mothers maiden name)
13) what you love about japser?